Devices with old Realtek Bluetooth radios will not be offered Windows v1909

Before proceeding with the real issues, let’s discuss a bit about the Realtek Bluetooth radio. This Realtek Bluetooth radio is a software which is created by Realtek Semiconductor. This program helps in running a program, easily. All the programs to be run in the computer system are added inside in the form of a list. It provides a registry entry for all the window logins and easy usage. The people who have the old Realtek Bluetooth radio installed in their PCs or systems are having an issues while downloading the Windows 10 v1909.  It is obvious that such highly advanced windows and software become unable to download in the system. Windows 10 v1909 is the 8th new version of the Windows since it has been created so, it requires some kind of advancement in the system too. But, for those people who have been facing this issue, need some kind of solution. 

Realtek Bluetooth

Realtek Bluetooth radios will not be offered Windows 10

This fact could have reasons such as the service or the driver installed in the PC is not ready to keep such a heavy and latest version of Windows. There are issues been seen in the compatibility of a few versions of the Realtek Bluetooth. These versions are not compatible with the system so it is recommended to upgrade them, and then try to install the windows 10 v1909 in them. As soon the driver would be updated, the windows 10 would be easily downloaded in it. 

Fixing of the issue 

As the Microsoft has announced that all the installations are cancelled until and unless the users upgrade their drivers. So, first of all the users need to upgrade the driver when a message would appear on the screen that download and upgrade the concerned drivers. If you have already upgraded the Realtek Bluetooth radios then you can just check for the manual updates. 

  • For this purpose you have to,
  • Go to the Start.
  • Open the Settings. 
  • Now click on the Updates and Settings.
  • Now open the Check for Updates.
  • If there are any updates available, click on the update button. 

If there is no such thing available, then you have to download and upgrade the Realtek Bluetooth radio is a complete manual way. 


    • First of all you need to visit the official website of the Realtek Bluetooth radio and download both of the Realtek Bluetooth radio drivers. 
    • When you see the download has completed, then move to the file manager of your system.
    • Now you have to double click on the file
    • When it is opened, select all the other files present inside it.
    • After selecting them, click on the extract button which would be opened after you right click on the selected files, and a drop down menu would be opened containing extract option. 
    • Now create a folder by clicking on new, create folder and then name it as Realtek Bluetooth radio. 
    • Then you may click on extract option.
    • Now all you have to do is, press the back button and go back to the area where the both downloaded files are present in downloads.
    • Now you need to repeat a process with the second file you download which is,
    • Click on this file twice. 
    • When it is done, open the file and select all the files present inside.
    • After selecting them you need to right click and press extract from a drop down menu. 
    • Create another folder in it by clicking on new, create folder and this time, and name it Realtek Bluetooth radio 2.
    • Now extract this file.
    • Now open the search box on the taskbar and type device manager to proceed towards it.
    • Search for the Bluetooth inside the device manager and expand it.
    • Search for the Realtek device and right click on it.
    • From the list, select the option of update driver.
    • Now choose the browse my computer option for driver software button. 
    • Now open the folder where you saved the driver and click on next.
    • When it is done, click on the OK.
    • When everything is done, then install the drivers. 
    • Wait till the process is completed and then select close.

After this, you will be able to install the windows 10 on your system. 

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