How to use Realtek HD Audio Manager to boost PC Sound

Before proceeding with the topic, let’s see what Realtek HD Audio manager is. It is a software which is sued to control the audio settings and the quality of whatever you are playing. It involves the speakers and the headphones too and clears their sounds. It is used by the people who love to hear the clear and high quality audio for their personal use, or in the work. There are voice artists, music artists and YouTubers who always require the perfect sound quality for recording the sounds, and then mixing all the sounds together to make a best track. This software has a six channel digital to analogue convertor with a 16.20.24-bit pulse code modulation in channel audio of 5.1.

Realtek HD Audio Manager

In order to listen the best quality music, this driver contributes a lot and makes sure to provide the sound in its best quality. Those who want to manage the pitches and different sound levels, can use this program as it is highly convenient to control all the settings. This software directly deals with the controlling and functioning of different types of sounds. Although it is one of the best sound drivers, there is a complete guide needed to understand that how to use this software and how to run it on the system to get the perfect sound quality and its controls. There is a complete guide given to use Realtek HD Audio manager from its features, to all the issues which can be encountered while using it. 

How to use Realtek HD Audio Manager Windows 10

The main issue can be that after you install the Realtek HD Audio manager on Windows 7, the pink front panel microphone jack socket, or the green front panel microphone jack socket is not working properly. The main reason for this thing could be that the Older RM computers have AC97 compatible front audio header. You require a headphone or a microphone to test the functioning of this driver.

Complete Procedure

  1. First you need to check that you have the latest version of Realtek HD Audio manager which is compatible with the Windows 7.
  2. Double click on the Realtek HD Audio Manager on the tray icon. 
  3. Click on the small folder icon option.
  4. You need to check that the disable front panel jack detection box is clear. 
  5. Insert the jack plug of a headphone or a microphone in the front panel socket of the computer.  
  6. If you get the notification of some headphone been plugged in, then the settings are totally alright and you do not need to change them.
  7. If not, then enable the disable front jack detection box. 

Volume setting

You can do this in the speaker tab and adjust the levels of the sound. Same is the process of adjusting the sounds of a microphone. 

Setting the default device

You can set the default device for your computer wither your speakers, or the microphone to avoid issues. 

Testing the microphones and speakers

The recording and playback tabs in the Windows 7 would help a lot in testing the sounds of the microphone. For this purpose, you can simply open a recorder after plugging in the microphone. Afterwards, record an audio and then save it into the multimedia of your computer. Mow, you can select the window media Player to play this audio in order to test it. 

The microphone in Realtek HD Audio Manger is muted

Sometimes, when you plug in the microphone and try to play it, it seems to be muted. This can be checked by clicking on the start and then going to the control panel. Click on the Realtek HD Audio manager and open the microphone tab in it. For playback volume settings, you will see a red cross over there which you need to remove. By removing this cross, you will be able to unmute the microphones thus, bringing them into use. Hence, you can use all such methods to resolve all the issues with the speakers and microphones. This is the way through which the Realtek HD Audio manager is used. You may contact the customer care and tech support as well if you still find difficulty in learning about this driver. 

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